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It is Time to Demand Responsible Gun Ownership

We have been galvanized by the continued epidemic of gun violence, unique to the United States compared to the rest of the developed world. Given the millions of guns already present in our communities and with more being sold every day, it is vital that we adopt better standards for what it means to be a responsible gun owner.

Too often failure to properly store a firearm leads to it ending up in the wrong hands and leading to gun violence. Unsecured weapons increase the risk of unintentional shootings by offering access to children and other untrained users. It also makes it easier for people with violent or suicidal intentions to access a lethal weapon.

Unsafe Storage & Gun Violence

  • Studies of states that have adopted safe storage requirements have shown reductions in the rate of teen suicides and unintentional child shootings.
  • That is why safe storage requirements are supported by groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Physicians Alliance. 

Unsafe Storage & Children

  • Most children do not know how to properly handle a gun. We see unintentional shootings every year in Oregon resulting from a child gaining access to a firearm.
  • Over 58,000 Oregon children live in homes with loaded guns, and over half (26,000) of those guns are not stored in a locked container or with a trigger lock, according to the Oregon Health Authority.
  • These shootings are not accidents -- they are preventable if owners take the simple steps to safely store their firearms. 

Unsafe Storage & Suicide

  • Teen suicide is on the rise -- especially with a firearm. Access to a gun increases the risk someone will attempt suicide.
  • Most of teen suicides are committed with a family member’s gun. Making it harder for teens to access a firearm will save lives.